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Our Story

Nimbli started with the idea of making smart homes radically easy and joyful to use. We want the interaction with your smart home to be as easy as flipping a lightswitch. This is why we make use of a whole stack of technologies that we adapt to the way we think the smarthome experience should be.

For that we did not start from scratch. Nimbli is founded on the base of the long-established KNX system-integrator “Gerhards Elektrotechnik GmbH” and builds upon 40 years of experience in the field.

The result is Switch. A context aware system for smartphones and smartwatches.

Here Comes Switch

Switch by Nimbli is the first product on our way to better smart homes.

It is an app that lets you control your home and shows you just the relevant information depending on the room you are currently in. That way you do not have to search through a long list of rooms and devices and waste time.

If you change the room the user interface changes accordingly. And it even works on your Smartwatch.

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Switch auf deiner Smartwatch

Smartwatches erfreuen sich auch in Deutschland immer größerer Beliebtheit. Allein in Deutschland beträgt der Umsatz im Jahr 2019 laut Statista bisher rund 375 Millionen Euro mit circa 6,4 Millionen Nutzern.